a laboratory for multilateral communication

moving art studio, significant dates
January 1994: first appearance of Moving Art Studio
September 1994: moving the studios to rue Saint-Bernard
December 1995: moving the studios to rue des Tanneurs
June 1996: Be Yourself an Art Critic
September 1996: Radio Amateurs/Institute of Media Diseases
September 1997: Not Enough TV
June 1998: New Forms for Financial Exchange

introducing moving art studio
Moving Art  Studio is born out of a need for cheap working spaces. 
Initially set up by a group of art activists squatting a closed 
down packaging factory in Schaerbeek, the idea of recycling 
abandonned buildings into temporary places for experimental art 
came just naturally in Brussels, a city that counts thousands of 
empty properties. Currently seventy-five artists share the studio 
facilities of Moving Art Studio at the house rue Saint-Bernard 
and the old clothing manufacture in the Marolles.

constructing systems open to real participation
In 1995 Moving Art Studio decided to investigate the artistic 
potentials of digital communication networks supporting on-line 
projects and providing deeper access to the electronic culture. 
The content implies contributions coming from a diverse range of 
human activity. This multi-dimensional approach seems to offer a 
good navigational tool to apprehend an era characterized by the 
fragmentation and multiplicity of cultural practices. From the 
early beginning, the Moving Art Studio web site has been a place 
experiencing and recording public response to various projets 
like Be Yourself an Art Critic, Radio Amateurs/Institute of 
Media Diseases or more recently New Forms for Financial Exchange. 
The permanently updated web platform gives access to different 
creations on various supports (video, sound, text, ...), 
most of which are proposed as public domain items. Discussing 
the future of electronic networks with the e-money mailing 
list, Moving Art Studio stands for a larger idea of the word Culture.

Current mailing list: e-money@moving-art-studio
Www-archive of the list: http://www.moving-art-studio.com/list/forum.html
Top-level directory: http://www.moving-art-studio.com

New Forms for Financial Exchange, 
the book, IBSN 90-76426-01-5.
To be issued in May 1999.

Jens-Ingo Brodesser and Frédéric Jadoul

48 rue Saint-Bernard 1060 Brussels
phone 32 2 534 45 88 and 32 2 538 13 06
fax 32 2 534 76 66