The Institute of Media Diseases - Research Department

The Research Department's work is mainly focused on public health campaigns, providing information about new diseases. Here, new therapy concepts and apparatus are tested.

«In a non-academician institution mainly dealing with diagnosis, the undertaking of large research projects is impossible because of limited financial resources. However, with an optimum usage of the available means, an internal collaboration with the veterinary department, in the field of interdisciplinary studies, was developed. Yet another study contributed in improving tissue-scans after Müller-Rothenfluh. Furthermore, there have been examinations carried out concerning bit-problems, such as the resistent-dithering. For the moment the group studies the influence of pixel transplantations on un-sharp syndromes together with the CyBO-research laboratory in Leverkusen, Germany. Memorable, remains the production of the Pixelstabilizer 420, which has been developed during the foundation years of the Institute and which is still used for personal prophylaxis.» (quotation from the annual report of the Institute, 1995)

Pixelstabilizer Power 620
In 1995 a research team of the Institute invented this machine which increases the stability of vertical pixels. The illustration shows the Pixelstabilizer Power 620 in the Cologne laboratory. The reseachers are Dr M.Käch and Dr St.Rosenberg.

Pixelstabilizer Power 450
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