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this message entered the list on Tue, 27 Oct 1998 16:13:18 +0100
it has been sent by Frédéric Jadoul

Because texts interesting our discussion are coming out more often in the
medias these days, i will also start reporting press releases, articles or
opinions published in newspapers and magazines. If you want to notify
interesting comments made in the press, please refer to it as +Press

Le Monde (27 oct) mentions that the French police is conducting an inquiery
about a Slovenian web site where 26670 confidential credit card numbers are
made available together with expiring dates, user names and adresses.
Two hypothesises are being studied :

1 - they were sniffed when people communicated their credit card number
    on line
2 - they have been robbed from the computer of e-business companies or
    access providers.

Le Soir, Belgium (28 oct)  writes that TRON, a member of the Chaos Computer Club
(Berlin), has mysteriously been found dead. Check out for
more info.

The same newspaper also writes that the computer of the +Collectif contre
les expulsions+ (Brussels), a group of social activists fighting against expulsion of
illegal immigrants, has been taken away by the police on basis of a search 
warrant aimed at an other organisation based in the same building. Now that 
the computers have been given back to them, they discover that the names of
their members and supporters have been erased from the harddisks.


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