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e-money: Re: La culture electronique a l'epreuve de la loi

this message entered the list on Wed, 21 Oct 1998 00:31:59 +0100
it has been sent by Yiannis Tsiounis

I have experienced two governments, Greek & US. They both have the same 
goal as your terrocrats. (albeit with vastly different level of success :-))

When you find a place governed by people with a different mindset let 
me know; I believe it is impossible though (am I pessimist or what?) 
except if we are talking about the upper .005% of the population (feel 
free to define "upper" as you envision it). Example from the past: the 
Athenian citizens circa 5th century BC.


>Terrocrats (terrorist bureaucrats or coercive political agents)
>everywhere tend to operate according to a de facto "constitution":

>When the Nazis left Belgium after WWII, they left behind much
>of their "people-control" system, which the Belgian terrocrats
>continued -- carte d'identite, provide your fingerprints (like
>a criminal), etc.

>However Belgian terrocrats may disguise their actions, their
>underlying intention is maximum people control they can get
>away with.

Frederick Mann

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