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The Global Privacy Association is presently distributing the document,
Privacy For Open Markets. It details an international structure with
incentives to protect an Individual's sensitive and identifiable
information from being distributed on the open market.

"Privacy For Open Markets promotes methods of retaining fair treatment and
distribution of an Individual's sensitive and identifiable information.
Privacy For Open Markets regulates commercial sales of this data, and
simultaneously compensates the appropriate Individual with a percentage of
that transaction."

The document outlines the international and national bodies needed to
fulfill the technological support and administrative tasks for the creation
of the system. It describes in detail the steps taken for an Individual and
Proprietor to register and how transactions would clear.

Increasingly, the consumer is being informed about the immense
repercussions  of the personal data trade. Even though "certain countries
and continents have begun to exercise privacy practice, this is not enough.
It is important that standards be met worldwide, since the information
being exploited is of international concern."

"The Global Privacy Association was initiated as an international coalition
of qualified lawyers, government officials, libertarians, financiers,
bankers, consumer rights activists, database industry leaders, and
encryption specialists. Its goal is to understand the problems of
international electronic commerce and trade, and conceive an alternative
doctrine for the protection of an Individual's sensitive and identifiable

The document is located at the Privacy For Open Markets web site.

For further detail and information please email

* Please note, the Global Privacy Association and the Privacy For Open
Markets document has been created as a  model to question the economics of
the personal data trade.
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