Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 23:20:49 -0500
Subject: G O L F    SPRING     1 9 9 8   ! !



        Greetings !  I hope by reading this you have an interest in one of the fastest growing sports 
        in America - GOLF or at least would like to make money while you learn ! !  Another great 
        season is upon us and it will be interesting to see which of the large group of rookies from 
        last year will become the stars in 1998.  

        If you would like to make money every time you play golf [even if you have a 50 handicap], 
        find out how you can turn playing golf into a home based business and deduct all your golf 
        expenses (including vacations, car, green fees, cart rentals, clubs etc.) from taxes, buy all 
        top line golf products at major discounts [below wholesale], get discounts up to 100% (FREE 
        - 2 times per year) on green fees at over 3500 courses nation wide or simply how to make 
        a little extra money to afford all the golf you like, then please take a minute and 

        CALL 800-320-9895 EXT 1094 

for a short [three minute] message.   It is possible to literally make money every time you play 
golf and and enjoy more of the sport.  I look forward to talking with you soon.  Have a great 
Spring on the course !

David Peterson


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