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Have you known these? 

                         Y A O H U S H U A

                      FACTS SHOCKING BUT TRUE!

     1. The real, original and genuine Name of our Creator in the
     original Hebrew Holy Scriptures is 'YAO-HOO' and that of the
     genuine Messiah is 'YAO-HOO-SHUA.' (accented on the syllable

     2. Salvation is found in nobody else for there is no other
     name under heaven given to men for salvation except:
     'YAOHUSHUA'  - Acts 4:12, Holy Scriptures.

     3. Whoever calls upon the Name of 'YAOHUSHUA' shall be saved
     from all the curses and penalties of sin, such as poverty,
     diseases, failures, bankruptcies, losses, earthquakes, wars,
     frustrations, AIDS, torment, insanity, family breakdowns,
     rebellions, divorces, tragedies, natural catastrophes,
     violence, death and hell -  Deuteronomy 28, Holy Scriptures.

     4. All have sinned and come short of the glory of YAOHU UL,
     the Holy One of Israel; and the wages of sin is death. That's
     why unless a person is spiritually REBORN, he cannot enter
     the Kingdom of YAOHU UL!  - John 3:3, Holy Scriptures.

       (pronounced: yao-hoo ool, accented on the syllable 'yao')

     5. For YAOHU UL so loved the world that He gave His one and
     only Son, the Messiah YAOHUSHUA, that whoever believes in Him
     shall not perish but have eternal life!  - John 3:16, Holy

     6. Salvation is a FREE GIFT of YAOHU UL, out of the richness
     of His grace, not of works.  No one shall be acquitted in
     YAOHU UL's sight by obedience to the law, for to break a single
     command in the law of Moses is the same as breaking all of them!
     - Ephesians 2:8-9 and James 2:10, New Testament, Holy Writ

     7. And this is life eternal: that you may know YAOHU UL,
     the only true Creator and the Messiah Whom He sent - YAOHUSHUA!
     - John 17:3, Holy Scriptures

     8. YAOHUSHUA is the only Way, the Truth and the Life;
     no one can approach the Father, YAOHU UL, except through the
     Messiah YAOHUSHUA alone!  All you have to do is to believe
     in His Name, make and receive the Messiah YAOHUSHUA in your
     heart as your one and only individual life Ruler and Savior!
     Now is your time to repent, believe and trust the genuine
     Messiah YAOHUSHUA to save you! -  John 14:6, 1:12-13, Holy

     9. YAOHUSHUA the Messiah died in your behalf, as your
     personal Substitute, and He personally suffered the penalties
     of all your sins!  All you must now do is to believe and
     receive all the benefits of His redemptive work, it's that
     easy and simple.

     All your sins were already forgiven when the Messiah YAOHUSHUA
     took on Himself all the penalties of your sins, and the only
     thing you must do now is to REPENT then believe, receive and
     personally appropriate for yourself all the eternal benefits
     of His total, complete redemption!

     10. Our Creator-Head exists in a TRIUNE Eternal Nature:
     the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  'Triune' means
     three fully-united Eternal Beings. - 1 John 5:7, Holy Writ

     11. You must not use the most-reverend, original Name of
     YAOHU UL disrespectfully nor irreverently.  You will not
     escape YAOHU UL GABOR's punishment if you do. - Exodus 20:7,
     Holy Scriptures

     12. The most-revered Name of our Creator-Head was CHANGED
     when the Hebrew 'Holy Scriptures' was translated into
     different languages and dialects; thus, the Name of our
     Creator and His Messiah was CHANGED into DIFFERENT names
     of various pagan and cultic idols!

     Be sure you are not relying on fake creators and false
     messiahs!  Beware!  It's your life and only soul at risk!
     Prepare for eternity now!

     Discover truths that will set you free!  Truths long ignored
     by many and which only the original Messiah YAOHUSHUA can
     reveal to honest seekers of truth!

     YAOHUSHUA is the Truth!  YAOHUSHUA is the genuine Messiah
     and no one else!  He can really save, deliver, heal, protect,
     prosper and help you!

     Remember, THERE IS NO OTHER NAME under heaven given to men
     for salvation except this Name above every name: YAOHUSHUA!

     Salvation is found in no other name, repeat, no other name!

     Call or write soonest for your free literature which reveal
     clear, obvious yet ignored facts in the Holy Scriptures
     (Biblia Hebraica)!

     "'YAOHU' - this is My Name forever by which I am to be called
     and remembered from generation to generation!" - Exodus 3:15,
     Holy Scriptures

     'Salvation is found in nobody else for there is no other name
     under heaven given to men for salvation except the Name:
     YAOHUSHUA!' - Acts 4:12, Holy Scriptures

     For further enlightening revelation knowledge, please
     avail of the following HTML or TEXT guidelines soonest:

               Titles                          Filenames

     'YAO-HOO-SHUA - The Messiah'              YAOHUSH.TXT
     'YAOHUSHUA - The Healer and Exorcist'     HEALER.TXT
     'Messiah's Qualifications'                QUALI.TXT
     'Free Gift Especially for You!'           GIFTS.TXT
     'YAOHUSHUA in the Triune Eternal'         TRIUNE.TXT
     'How to Deal With Your Authorities'       AUTHOR.TXT
     'The YAOHUSHUA Exposes!'                  FALSE.TXT

          These are some of the most-important guidelines you'll
     ever read in your entire life!  Next to the Holy Scriptures,
     of course.

          So quickly avail of all these highly-revealing guidelines
     now for your spiritual awakening and growth!

          Please send a postal, fax or E-mail request for your free
     copies of the above publications and/or for these text guidelines
     to be transmitted free to your computer soonest!  Contact now!

     At the mention of the Name: YAOHUSHUA, every knee must bow in
     heaven, on earth, and under the earth, to the glory of YAOHU
     UL in heaven!

     Contact us now at this E-Mail address:
     Or type in: 'YAOHUSHUA' in any Internet search engine.

     Do it now!

     Every knee must bow at this Name: Y A O H U S H U A !

     Y A O H U S H U A   -  the authentic Name above every name!

     Whoever calls upon the Name 'YAOHUSHUA' shall be saved!

     Search for the TRUTH, and the truth shall set you free!

     Y A O H U S H U A  -  the only hope in this world!

     Believe and receive Him now!

     All this is given to you in true love and deep humility,
     'Be hol-Shuam' (in the Name of) YAOHUSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHAY, 


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