Date: Sun, 21 Sep 97 15:17:27 EST
Subject: Gurrilla Guide To Bulk E-Mail
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Want to learn the real truth about Bulk Email and Internet Marketing?
The Guerrilla Guide to Bulk Email
List of Subjects Covered:
Legal and Political Issues - The Law, Proposed laws and Politics.
How Bulk Emailing Works - The tactics and strategies used.
Anti-Spammers versus Bulk Emailers - The fight and where it is headed.
Email Address Lists - Targeted Lists, General List.Do they work?
Bulk Email Software - Different ones profiled, latest new
        developments,transmission speeds, randomizers, stealthing.
Headers - How to read one and how they can be configured.
Stealth/Cloaking - How it is done and how effective it is.
Relay Servers - What are they and how they are used.
Annonymous Servers - What they are and how they are used.
Email Blocking Tactics - Several ways it is done and defeated.
Bulk Friendly Internet Service Providers - How they operate.
Web Sites - Marketing  with Web Sites.
Search Engine Positioning - Can this work and how.
Email Bombs - What are they? Can you protect against them?
Credit Card Fraud on the Internet - How it works and safeguards.
Credit Card Alternatives - Checks by Fax, Electronic Funds Transfer.
COD - Is this a good way to conduct business over the Net?
The Future of Bulk Email - What is down the road?
The Introductory Price of the book is only $29.95.
And If that isn't enough, Links to the following:
Bulk Email Software Demo Free Download Sites
Free Search Engine Submission Sites
Links to Anti-Bulk Email Web Sites to see what they have to say.
This book is original information, not available in any other book.
You can learn more about the ins and outs of bulk email and internet
marketing in a single evening than if you spent weeks stumbling
around the internet.
The Introductory Price of the book is only $29.95.

The book is available by email in MS Word Format, or downloadable in
HTML format.
Orders are filled within 24 hours.
You can order by FAX. 
Make out a check to American Academy for $29.95.
Sign and date the check the same as you would any other check.
In lower left hand corner in the "For" section,  write for ACH-Debit.  
                          Fax to:(904) 297-0671
This allows us to debit your checking account for $29.95.
You have the security of not revealing credit card numbers and information.  
The only information we receive is the information written on your check.
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PLEASE NOTE: This Fax Number is only for Legitimate Orders.
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We are set up to trace fax/phone numbers.   If you send junk, threatening 
or harrassing faxes you are in violation of criminal and civil statues.
See: TITLE 47 USC 227 which covers unsolicited faxes but does not cover
bulk email as evidenced by the introduction of the proposed Smith Bill in the

US Congress to broaden this Junk Fax law to cover Bulk Email.  
If you wish to be removed from the mailing list  and 
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