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Revealing the secrets which have been made others so fabulously wealthy.


* UNFAIR & DISCRIMINATORY Divorce Settlements are Obsolete in This Report!
* RUTHLESS Creditors Will CRINGE If They Know You Have Read This Report!
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(And The Rich To Get Even Richer!)

It's true! There's very little time left 
for the little guy to get rich in the U.S. 
and many other countries. Strict rules 
and regulations that have been adopted 
by the U.S. government making it hard to 
start and run a business - own a home - 
raise a family - and just get ahead. Banks 
and lending institutions will only loan 
money if you have it to begin with. You 
know the saying "It takes money to make 
money". Well the little guy can barely 
pay their everyday living expenses much 
less find money to make money! The people 
in the U.S. that have money are definitely 
MAKING MONEY! But you will be surprised 
how they are doing it this day and age.


The Rich get richer by applying the most 
powerful wealth-building secrets known 
today. Many of these millionaires are 
building their empires Offshore (outside 
their home countries) while doing business 
inside their countries - using legal tax 
shelters to protect what they have earned. 
New tax laws have forced many of the rich 
offshore where they can legally do business 
without the tax liabilities.

The Key Is Borrowing Money Then Making 
It Work By Leveraging It!

The Ability to acquire money by borrowing 
then leveraging what you have borrowed is 
the key to wealth building and we are going 
to teach you how you can do the same even 
if you have little or no money to start. 


America's super wealthy have all used the 
same wealth building strategy to get where 
they are today as they have for decades. 
Use someone else's money to become rich - 
it's very simple - you know it - I know it. 
But the problem is how do we convince 
someone to let YOU borrow the money so YOU 
can make it work as the rich do?


In this report you will have everything you 
need to get started - started on your way 
to joining the elite - the 2% to 5% of U.S. 
citizens - the RICH...

Here's The Highlight Of What Report #5599 Offers...

<> How the RICH & POLITICIANS get even richer using trusts and how you can do the same!
<> Incorporate Offshore -- Completely private & away from your government's regulation!
<> Your own secret offshore mailing address -- No one will know your real address!
<> Offshore private checking accounts -- Deposit money & pay your bills from offshore - no paper trails!
<> Offshore Tax Havens -- Legally delay or eliminate taxes -No one knows - not even your government!
<> Offshore IBC's and Trusts -- Asset protection from creditors & your government!
<> High yield offshore investments opportunities -- Find out how the rich make from 1% to 4% a week on their money - offshore & tax free - you can do the same!
<> Money making opportunities -- Secrecy is a thriving industry!

This report also tells you additional 
information about how the rich borrow 
money using Roll Over Programs and Tax 
FREE Self-Liquidating Loan  concept 
and never repay one penny! These 
Self-Liquidating Loans are done 
offshore. This is just one more 
technique the rich use -- USING SOMEONE 
ELSE'S MONEY TO MAKE MONEY for themselves. 
You will have the opportunity to do the same!


<> People who have a J.O.B. and have "more month than money" - (JOB = just over broke!)
<> People who are self-employed - Paying that SELF EMPLOYMENT TAX and are prime candidates for LAW SUITS from every direction!
<> People who are sick and tired of frivolous law suits - Did you know that in the U.S. there are 2.67 lawyers for every 1,000 people? These lawyers are HUNGRY and need to sue someone for any reason to survive!
<> Professional people such as doctors, technicians, architects, stock brokers, accountants, and YES even lawyers! - You know those people in the HIGHER THAN AVERAGE tax brackets!
<> People who are getting married or are married and plan on living happily ever after - Now back to reality - the U.S. has a divorce rate that exceeds 60% every year!
<> Partners who want to make sure their partnership is a true 50-50 deal now and in future.
<> People who live in a country that has strict rules and regulations limiting where and how they can run their business and manage their money.
<> People who want to retire but can not afford to because of lack of income or the rules put upon them from their government - restricting them from receiving a decent income.
<> People who are HIGH audit risks or have been audited by their government' dictatorial tax agency - You know GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT!
<> People who are paying their government 40% to 60% in taxes and are sick and tired of doing so!
<> People who are close to bankruptcy and need to find solution as soon as possible - 20% to 40% of the people in the United States are a paycheck away from bankruptcy - Yes those people!
<> People who want to make sure their children receive 100% of their inheritance without the government stealing it away!
<> People who want to keep their business and personal affairs PRIVATE - Hard to do this day and age with all the computers!
<> People who have the dream of financial independence and want to make thousands a week running their own home based business!
<> People who want to get a FRESH start in life.
<> Anyone that has a desire to get ahead and the fortitude to make it big and join the 2% to 5% - the RICH!


But what is really surprising is the people 
with money need this report! Even the chosen 
few that have a few dollars and are frustrated 
with the return on their investments. They 
need this report to find out how they can 
make 1% to 4% on their money every week - 40 
weeks out of the year. It's being done right 
now - 40 times in a year by a chosen few!  If 
you're not getting those types of return, even 
if you have only a few thousands to invest, you 
need this report to find out how! Plus find out 
how the rich have been amassing fortunes 
receiving those type of returns for decades 
and most of the time tax FREE!!!

But Wait -- Soon You Will Be Among The Chosen Few!

All it takes to receive the Offshore Special 
Report Number 5599 is $50.00 U.S. -- that's it! 
You probably spent that on a movie or a night 
on the town. $50 US to find out how you can 
beat the system, how you can join the rich - 
start making what only a few are making - 
now that is not really asking too much is it?

Make 1000% Selling This Report!

When you order the Offshore Special Report 
Number 5599 you will receive a Certificate 
Of Registration allowing you FULL REPRINT 
RIGHTS to duplicate the report and sell it 
to whoever and wherever you wish! You keep 
Special Report #5599 will explain how you 
can do it.

Self-Liquidating Loan Report

YES... It's possible to borrow thousands and 
never repay one penny! This remarkable system 
is explained in the manual and there are no 
credit checks, cosigners or employment 
verifications. After reviewing this report 
you could put your own Self-Liquidating Loan 
together in matter of days -- right in your 
home town -- for any reason or idea!

A "Self-Liquidating" loan is a  financial 
arrangement in which the elements of  "Arbitrage", 
"Compensating Balance" and "Advanced-Point 
Funding" are utilized. To explain each of these 
three topics would take pages, but to sum it 
up it means money that is "borrowed" NEVER has 
to be repaid! I MEAN NEVER! Since the lender 
(the Bank) deducts a "Compensating Balance" 
from the proceeds of your loan at the end of 
the term, the loan is "ROLLED OVER" or PAID OFF 
by the "Compensating Balance" funds withheld 
when the loan is made. This way, you never have 
to worry about making any loan payments. EVER! 
Now you can see why this is so remarkable! 
Truly unique!

Those who order the report by December 7, 1997 are 
eligible to receive FREE BONUS #3, #4 and #5 below.


"How To Make Sure You Make Money From A Web Site"
Things often overlook by most new comers. Avoid those 
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The "Guerilla Guide to Bulk E-Mail": 
This exclusive report tells it like it really is! 
Bulk E-Mail is the most powerful method of marketing 
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method of marketing provides you with the means to 
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There is more to it than most would have you 
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"Bulk E-Mail.


The "Insiders" Guide To Search Engine Secrets: 
Forget "refreshing" pages, colored keywords and 
Search Engine spamming! Those outdated methods 
were used in the beginning... they don't work 
today. We know of one report currently being 
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This "Insiders" guide will show you exactly
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Once again all of this is yours for only $50 plus $5 S&H...
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