Date: Tue, 28 Apr 98 13:16:20 EST
Subject: 16-M Clean E-mail Addresses

16 Million Clean E-Mail Addresses

We took a total of over 92 million e-mail addresses from many 
of the touted CD's that are out there (bought them all - some
were $300+)! We added the millions we had in storage to those.
When we combined them all, we had in excess of 100+ million 
addresses in one huge file.

We then ran a super "sort/de-dupe" program against this 
huge list. It cut the file down to less than 25 million!! 

Can you believe that!?  It seems that most people that
are selling CD's are duping the public by putting numerous 
files of addresses in the CD over and over. This created
many duplicate addresses. They also had many "program
generated" e-mail addresses like CompuServe, MCI,
ANON's, etc... This causes a tremendous amount of
undeliverables, and for those that use Stealth programs, 
clogs up servers quickly with trash. etc...

We then ran a program that contained 150+ keywords to 
remove addresses with vulgarity, profanity, sex-related 
names, postmaster, webmaster, flamer, abuse, spam, 
etc...Also we  eliminated all .edu, .mil., org., gov., etc...
After that list was run against the remaining list, it
reduced it down to near 16 million addresses!

So, you see, our list will save people hundreds of 
dollars buying all others that are out there on  CD. Using
ours will be like using the 100+ million that we started with, 
but a lot less money and a lot less time!

We  also purchased Cyber Promo's ($995.00) CD. We 
received it just prior to finishing  production work on the 
new CD. We had our people take a random sample of 
300,000 addresses from the touted 2.9 million that they 
advertised. We used a program that allows us to take a
random sample of addresses from any list. We were able
to have the program take every 9th address, thus giving 
us a 300,000 list of Cyber's e-mail addresses from top to
bottom. We did not clean these, but we did create 3 
separate files named cyber1.txt, cyber2.txt, and cyber3.txt
of 100,000 addresses each. This will give all people that
use the list an opportunity to send mail to the list before 
deciding if their CD is all it's hyped up to be.

We also included a 2+ million "Remove/Flamer" file 
broke into separate files for ease of extracting and adding
to your own database of removes.

"You can buy from the REST or you can buy from the BEST. 

Here's what you get when you order today:

* 16 Million E-Mail Addresses
* One line in simple text format
* All on CD-ROM
* Files are in lots of 100,000  (no codes to open files)
* All files are separated by domain name for your convenience!
* PLUS you receive a tremendous REMOVE list!
* PLUS a sampling of CyberPromo's HOT list

NOW ONLY $149.00!

This price is effective for the next seven days, thereafter the 
price will be $199.00 so ORDER  NOW!

All lists are completely free of any Duplicates. We also on a 
continual basis, add New Names and  Remove Undeliverables 
and Remove Requests.

The result is the Cleanest E-Mail Addresses Available Anywhere 
to use over and over again. All for a FRACTION of the cost that 
other companies charge. Typical rates for acquiring e-mail lists

Don't even hesitate on this one or you will miss out on the
most effective way to market  anywhere...PERIOD! 

 To Order:  

To order, simple print out the EZ Order Form below and fax it to our office today.

We accept Visa or MasterCard. or Checks by Fax 

Fax completed form to: (425) 379-9722

_____E-Mail Pro.....$350.00

____Stealth Mass Mailer...$395.00

____16 Million Clean E-Mail Addresses on CD-ROM....$149.00

____Check Deposit System.....$99.00

____Submit Spider Standard Version....$49.95

____Submit Spider Professional Version....$99.90

____Send software on CD-ROM....$10.00






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Expiration Date:_____________________

Name on Card:_________________

Total amount: $_____________

I understand that all sales are final.



Check by Fax:

If you would like to fax a check, paste your check below and fax it to (425) 379-9722


Please paste your check here and fax it to us at: (425) 379-9722


If you fax a check, there is no need for you to send the original check. We will draft up                                                                     
a new check, with the exact information from your original check. All checks will be                                                                        
held for bank clearance.

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