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1st February 2001, All2All.ORG is the first non-profit registrar of .be domain names in Belgium
1st January 2001, All2All.ORG Moving Art Studio's Independant Network is operational now.
Linux Networking Party, 27, 28th October 2000, at Brussels2000's Mediaspace
Moving Art Radio, Fédéric Jadoul's 600 MB MP3 encoded inquiry into electronic culture:

Webcast of Eric Raymond's speech in Brussels "The Cathedral and The Bazaar" on Open Software, recording of 11th October 2000 at auditoire Dupreel, Universite libre de Bruxelles

Emission radio spéciale sur Radio Panik :
"Discussion sur le logiciel libre et la Linux Networking Party", enregistrement du 25.10.2000