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Introduced by Serge Daney: "Le Zapping"

display? "Linux Multimedia Workshop"
small documentary by Bénédicte Beauloye

watch with 56K modem | watch with dual ISDN (126Kbit), better resolution
The Linux Multimedia Workshop took place in February 2000 at Moving Art Studio, Brussels. It has been free for the participants, they just had to provide their hardware.

Most PCs today are equipped with a commercial operating system. The Microsoft Corporation has a virtual monopoly through its Windows product. Despite the fact that some of its users already have infected it with hundreds of computer virus', demonstrating its weaknesses, it still remains the number one choice amongst the users.
In contrast to traditional operating systems where the source code is a closely guarded secret, the free distribution of such a code allows for the participation of the users, which in turn continually improve and update it very quickly. Over and above their obvious benefits, through being free, open source software offers a social alternative by opening up access to cutting edge technology for anybody.
Throughout the workshop we constructed PCs from scratch and installed them with free software. The aim was to develop artistic content on an open, high performance platform (LINUX), and to investigate in practice manipulation of images, sound and networking. The present videostream has been taken during the initial two weeks of the workshop.

Moving Art Studio wishes to thank Frédéric Jadoul for his help.

display? "La Cybermonnaie
ou les doigts de la main invisible"

conference by Jean-Joseph Goux

The use of banknotes in the last century and bank cards during the last decades should be regarded as the first steps towards the dematerialization of money.The process seems to be amplified by the perspective of electronic transactions. After paper and plastic money, digital currency emphasizes the purely informative nature of the money medium ...
Jean-Joseph Goux is professor of French Studies at Rice University, Houston, Texas.
This is a videostream of the speech which has been presented at Moving Art Studio during the event "New Forms for Financial Exchange" in juin 1998.
"Richard's Office"
video by Delphine Doukhan

part I | part II
This video is showing a working day at a stockbrooker company in London. It's condensed to around one hour of streaming. You should at least have a 56 k connection without having to run into bandwidth trouble.

"Hacking Bank Cards"
speech by Andreas Bogk
Andreas Bogk is a member of the Chaos Computer Club, Berlin. Specialist of encryption algorithms used in electronic security systems, he introduces basic mathematical approaches to understand attacks on PIN codes and passwords. His speech covers the various aspects of cryptography and secure software design. He details the different components of ec- and smart cards and isolates the weak points. Andreas Bogk has recently been working on revealing flaws in the German D2 mobile phone system.
Core War "Westbank Industries and Core War"
speech by Stuart Rosenberg
Stuart Rosenberg took part in the beta testing of E-cash, an internet payment method developed by Digicash. He designed a virtual bank where users could get involved in financial transactions like stock exchange, lotto, online shopping and betting. The actual transactions could be seen in an animated 3D model while taking place. Stuart Rosenberg mainly states that software money potentially permits anonymous usage.
Collectif "Meeting avec le Collectif sans nom, Bruxelles"
by Moving Art Studio
The Collectif sans nom is a radical squat project in Brussels. On Sun, 6 Sep 1998 01:34:45 +0200 they sent us an e-mail containing the following quoted text:

"Le Collectif Sans Nom a fait le choix autant pour chacun de ses membres que collectivement de se mettre en porte à faux face à une société qui érige la valeur "argent" comme seul critère et comme seule logique d'existence, au risque d'opérer une rupture avec une légalité qui cautionne cette valeur "argent". Par ce fait-même, le collectif entre en résistance contre les logiques marchandes qui ont pour principales prétentions de réduire l'humain à un produit que l'on jette après usage."

As we were busy with the project about digital money we decided to ask them some questions on their perception of money. This videostream is a short editing of the dialogue in French language which took place in their squat.